Swamp Fox Murals Trail Society  -  Summerton, SC Murals     

S1           The Patriot, 2007, Terry Smith                                                 

               Gaters Law Office, 203 Main St.        N33.608 W80.349

S2           The Redcoat, 2007, Terry Smith                                                

               Detwiler Building, 206 Main St.          N33.608 W80.349

S3-6        Siege of Fort Watson, 2009, Terry Smith                                        

               Baucom Hardware, 140 Main St.       N33.608 W80.350

S 7          Wagon Travel, 2004, Williams Family                                     

               Walker Building, 135 Main St.           N33.608 W80.350

S 8          Patriot Departs to Ride with Marion, 2005, Terry Smith         

               Ginger's Flowers, 4 S. Cantey St.,       N33.608 W80.352

 Map Summerton Murals             


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